Q1: Who is the Baptist Times intended for?

A: The Baptist Times is intended for anyone involved in ministry in independent, Baptist churches. This includes both full-time servants, as well as church members who make up the nuts and bolts of ministry in their local church. The magazine particularly features the ministries of pastors and churches that enjoy fellowshipping together under the banner of the Global Independent Baptist Fellowship.

Q2: What is the purpose of the Baptist Times?

A: The Baptist Times exists to proclaim the great work that is happening among independent Baptists, highlighting those fellowshipping with the Global Independent Baptist Fellowship. This involves articles and news from these churches, as well as guest contributors. The Baptist Times also strives to challenge churches to pursue a standard of excellence in ministry by encouraging serious thought about ministry and focusing on churches that excel at some particular facet of ministry.

Q3: How often is the Baptist Times published?

A: Bi-monthly, beginning with January

Q4: Does our contribution to the February offering count as monthly support?

A: The February offering is separate from, and above, any monthly support that is given for subscriptions.

Q5: How is the money from the February offering used?

A: The money received from the February offering enables the Baptist Times to do more than maintain. We strive to operate the primary magazine costs from subscriptions and monthly support. Enhancements to the quality of the magazine, as well as goals to increase circulation, come from the extra money raised in February. Equipment upgrades are possible because of this offering.

Q6: How is the Baptist Times proofread?

A: Every issue goes through five steps of proofing to help ensure the professionalism of the magazine. Step #1 involves proofing every article as it comes in, pre-design. Step #2 sends the first design to 16 different proofers to focus on four pages each, with intentional overlap. Step #3 includes the 16 proofers receiving the corrections from the previous step, while shifting to the next four pages. Step #4 adds the corrections from the previous step, then shifts the 16 proofers to the next four pages. Step #5 involves sending the final design to an out-of-state printer, then reviewing a FedEx’d printer’s sample so that content, layout, and color correction can be confirmed. This ensures that every page gets proofread by, at least, six different people.

Q7: What equipment does the Baptist Times use?

A: The Baptist Times uses the Adobe suite of graphics software on a 27” iMac. Initial proofs are printed from a Xerox 550 production machine. Final production is done by an in-state printer.

Q8: Can you bill us monthly for our support?

A: We are not set up to bill subscribers or churches monthly. We are considering how feasible this might be in the future.

Q9: Can we pay our 12 months of support at one time?

A: Yes, support can be paid at one time. It is a significant help if this amount is clearly designated as support and separate from the February offering.