Thank you for visiting the website of The Global Baptist Times (BT), the official publication of the Global Independent Baptist Fellowship (GIBF). Independent Baptists have a lot to be excited about and the BT serves to showcase the influence and effectiveness of many of these churches. My goal is to promote a passion for excellence in the local church by stimulating your thinking about its ministries. Our message of the Gospel and glory of God is essential to all those around us, and our presentation of that message should do it justice. If you are serving in some local church ministry, I want the Baptist Times to become a valued resource that raises the bar in your service to the Lord. If your church does not already provide the Baptist Times, we hope you’ll consider subscribing through this website.

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Wayne Hardy



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One of my passions in life comes as a result of believing that America needs independent Baptist churches. Really badly. Basically, America needs New Testament Christianity, and my own study of Scripture leads to me to believe that independent Baptist…